Vigilant police officers on a train.
Damaged train, around 1980’s. 
Two police officer arresting a man at the Lower East Side. (1984)
Upper West Side march protest, circa 1980.
A man wearing a placard on Times Square, around 1980.
A rush hour scene at the New York City subway. (1982)
An old woman walking in the street. (1986)
Wall Street (1984)
Man with his car at under the Manhattan Bridge. (1985)
Winter scene at New York Times Square ending the 80’s decade.
East 4th Street between the Bowery and Second Avenue. (1980)
A mural of Puerto Rican Independence at Ludlow Street. (1980)
A man at the subway reading a newspaper. (1985)
Twins wearing pink dress at Bushick, Brooklyn. (1983)
Man having a sandwich for breakfast. (1985)
Clouds covering one tower of The World Trade Tower. (1984)