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WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Australia – Sydney Opera House Grand Organ: The largest mechanical tracker-action pipe organ

( Sydney Opera House Grand Organ is accredited as the world's largest mechanical tracker-action pipe organ.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Australia – Melbourne Cricket Ground: The largest cricket stadium in the world

( Melbourne Cricket Ground is recognized as the biggest cricket stadium in the world.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Australia – Anna Creek Station: The world’s largest working cattle station

( Anna Creek Station is recognized as the world's largest cattle station.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Australia – A 102-Year-Old Woman Just Became the World’s Oldest Skydiver

( An intrepid 102-year-old woman from Athelstone, Australia has just become the world’s oldest skydiver after her latest jaunt in the sky.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – World-first brain surgery performed on endangered kākāpō parrot

( Surgical techniques used on humans deployed to help chick born with skull abnormality in New Zealand

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Eisriesenwelt – The World’s Largest Ice Cave

( Located in Austria, Eisriesenwelt is the world's largest ice cave.

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World Record: World’s largest event for the processing and presentation of coconut-based dishes (Ben Tre Province, Vietnam)

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The world’s largest event for the processing and presentation of coconut-based dishes (Ben Tre province, Vietnam)

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