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WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – Tokyo Fire Department: World’s largest urban fire department

( First response for medical services and all types of rescues are also provided. The department handles varied challenges from urban settings to mountain forests. The department is part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – Hirakud Dam: World’s longest earthen dam

( Hirakud is the longest earthen Dam in the world and stands across the mighty river, Mahanadi, in the Sambalpur region of Odisha. It was the first major multipurpose river valley project after India’s Independence in 1947.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – Al-Ahsa Oasis: World’s largest oasis

( The site has become a World Heritage site in 2018. It has also been part of UNESCO Creative Cities Network since December 2015.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – Esquel Group: World’s largest woven shirt maker

( Most of the company's manufacturing facilities are in China. It has other facilities in Malaysia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – Atal Tunnel: World’s longest highway tunnel

( The tunnel is at an elevation of 3,100 metres (10,171 ft) whereas the Rohtang Pass is at an elevation of 3,978 metres (13,051 ft). It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 3 October 2020.

[WORLDKINGS] The Constant World Records Seeking Journey (P.73) – Veryovkina cave: The deepest-known cave on Earth

( Veryovkina had only recently been named the world’s deepest cave. During an expedition in March 2018, Demidov and his comrades had reached a terminal sump at the water table—a depth of 7,257 feet (2,212 meters). The low point was a new record, knocking the neighboring Krubera cave, at 7,208 feet (2,197 meters), into second place.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – The Anji Bridge: World’s oldest open-spandrel segmental arch bridge of stone construction

( The bridge is also commonly known as the Zhaozhou Bridge, after Zhao County, which was formerly known as Zhaozhou. Another name for the bridge is the Great Stone Bridge.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – Yellow River: World’s most sediment-laden river

( The large amount of mud and sand discharged into the river makes the Yellow River the most sediment-laden river in the world. The highest recorded annual level of silts discharged into the Yellow River is 3.91 billion tons in 1933.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – Tsubakimoto Chain Co.: Operate world’s largest chain manufacturing facility

( With nearly 100,000 m2 of building floor space, the plant is the world's largest chain manufacturing facility.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – LONGi Green Energy Technology: World’s largest silicon single crystal manufacturer

( It changed its name in February 2017 to LONGi Green Energy Technology Co Ltd. to better reflect its wider manufacturing scope after its acquisition of LERRI.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – Lake Toba: World’s largest volcanic lake

( Lake Toba Caldera is one of the twenty Geoparks in Indonesia, which is recognised in July 2020 as one of the UNESCO Global Geopark.

WORLDKINGS – Worldkings News – Asia Records Institute (ASRI) – Harbin International Ice and Snow festival: World’s largest ice and snow festival

( At first participants in the festival were mainly Chinese, however it has since become an international festival and competition, with the 2018 festival attracting 18 million visitors and generating 28.7 billion yuan ($4.4 billion) of revenue.

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