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Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

( Samsung on Wednesday announced the Galaxy S8, its follow-up to one of the most popular and best smartphones of 2016, the Galaxy S7.

Scientists see evidence of an ancient tsunami on Mars

( A new study suggests that ancient Mars not only had an ocean, it experienced a tsunami unlike anything we've seen on Earth, reports Cosmos. The study in the Journal of Geophysical Research—Planets identifies a 75-mile-wide crater in the north as the likely source, reports the BBC.

‘Fearless Girl’ statue will stay through early next year

( The "Fearless Girl" will stare down the Wall Street bull for another year

Here is the gorgeous $2 billion stadium the Las Vegas Raiders are expected to call home

( On Monday, NFL owners voted 31-1 to approve the relocation of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas.

Apple launch limited-edition smartphones

( Where can I get a red iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and how much does it cost?

The Summer of Love, 50 years on: Intimate portraits of legendary rockers and the hippie movement that overtook the streets of 1967 San Francisco

( It was an iconic event that would come to symbolize the height of hippie culture: San Francisco’s 1967 Summer of Love drew an estimated 100,000 people from all over the country in an explosion of music, art, expression and drugs.

Big One fears grow as scientists warn Earthquake could cause California to SINK

( A notorious fault that runs along a bustling suburb in California could be deadlier than first thought, scientists have revealed

Stunning wheelchair-bound models strike a pose on the catwalk as Moscow Fashion Week promotes diversity on the runway

( Elegant disabled models took to the catwalk in their wheelchairs in a stunning show for Moscow Fashion Week today.

The ice sheet that once blanketed North America will be completely GONE in 300 years because of global warming, scientists warn

( The Barnes Ice Cap on Baffin Island is set to melt in 300 years because of a warming climate, researchers have found. The Delaware-sized ice cap in the Canadian Arctic is the last piece of ice sheet that once blanketed much of North America. Although the ice cap is still 500 meters thick, it's melting at a rapid pace driven by increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that have elevated Arctic temperatures.

PHOTOS | World Water Day 2017

( More than 5 million people in South Sudan do not have access to safe, clean water, compounding the country’s problems of famine and civil war, according to UNICEF. Even those South Sudanese who can find water spend much of their day hiking, fetching and carrying the containers of the precious fluid that is essential to life.

Titanic: Diving tours of wreck site to begin in 2018

( Exploring the Titanic

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Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc sets World Record for conserving the World’s largest number of individual animals of diverse species

EXPLORING THE VIBRANT WILDLIFE AT VINPEARL SAFARI PHU QUOC Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of Ganh Dau, Phu Quoc Island, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc Animal...

The Nansen Ski Club (New Hampshire): The oldest continuously-operating skiing club in the United States

The club was founded in 1872 by Norwegian immigrants in Berlin, New Hampshire, under the name Berlin Mills Ski Club, Berlin Falls Club, or...


- FULL NAME : HOANG DUC THAO - DATE OF BIRTH : 01 July 1960 - NATIVE COUNTRY : Vung Tau city, Vietnam - POSITION : record holder - TYPE OF DEGREE : Honorary Doctorate...

Startup Humane is trying to replace your smartphone with its AI Pin

Humane, an AI startup co-founded by two former Apple employees, showcased its first product, the AI Pin, recently. The AI Pin is designed to...