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Big One fears grow as scientists warn Earthquake could cause California to SINK

( A notorious fault that runs along a bustling suburb in California could be deadlier than first thought, scientists have revealed

Stunning wheelchair-bound models strike a pose on the catwalk as Moscow Fashion Week promotes diversity on the runway

( Elegant disabled models took to the catwalk in their wheelchairs in a stunning show for Moscow Fashion Week today.

The ice sheet that once blanketed North America will be completely GONE in 300 years because of global warming, scientists warn

( The Barnes Ice Cap on Baffin Island is set to melt in 300 years because of a warming climate, researchers have found. The Delaware-sized ice cap in the Canadian Arctic is the last piece of ice sheet that once blanketed much of North America. Although the ice cap is still 500 meters thick, it's melting at a rapid pace driven by increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that have elevated Arctic temperatures.

PHOTOS | World Water Day 2017

( More than 5 million people in South Sudan do not have access to safe, clean water, compounding the country’s problems of famine and civil war, according to UNICEF. Even those South Sudanese who can find water spend much of their day hiking, fetching and carrying the containers of the precious fluid that is essential to life.

Titanic: Diving tours of wreck site to begin in 2018

( Exploring the Titanic

Swimmers Drop Their Dacks (And Inhibitions) For ‘Sydney Skinny’

( Swimmers were given sarongs to protect them from the... ahem, stiff breeze.

‘Skull Island’ appears on Google Maps as part of a promotional stunt for the King Kong movie

( As part of a marketing stunt for the newly-released movie "Kong: Skull Island," people can now find the fictional land on Google Maps.

Parades, Guinness, a whole lot of green clothing – America celebrates St Patrick’s day and New York City is awash in Irish pride .

( New York City is awash in green and Irish pride as throngs celebrate at the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. More than 150,000 people marched from 44th to 79th streets in the 256th annual parade, and the marchers Friday came from all walks of life - military members, teachers and students, police and firefighters, politicians, plumbers and steamfitters.

Great American Eclipse

( An eclipse will cross the US for the first time in 99 years

NASA Found an Indian Spacecraft Lost Since 2009

( Ground control to Major Tom: NASA has just rediscovered a lunar satellite that was wandering on an unknown course around the moon, a bit lost in space.

Northeast blizzard could dump 18 inches of snow on New York

( The Northeast is bracing for winter's last hurrah — a blizzard expected to sweep the New York region starting Monday with possibly the season's biggest snowstorm dumping up to 18 inches on Central Park.

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The US successfully transmitted solar power from space to Earth

A satellite launched by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has successfully received and transmitted solar power back to Earth, the first time solar...

Chinese American International School (California) : The first Mandarin-English dual-language immersion school in the United States

Chinese American International School (CAIS) is a private, independent school in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood. Founded in 1981, with just ten students in...

(Uskings) Top Greatest People in the United States history – P61 – Claude Shannon (Michigan): The Forgotten Inventor of the Digital Age

Claude Elwood Shannon (April 30, 1916 – February 24, 2001) was an American mathematician, electrical engineer, computer scientist and cryptographer known as the "father...