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10 Most Weird Looking Cars Ever Made

(WorldKings) These 10 cars certainly broke all the molds. Have a look at some of the most weird looking cars ever made.

The largest company headquartered in each state

( In the US, each state has its own distinct culture, history, and general vibe.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ earns $170 million to have the 7th highest opening weekend ever

( Disney has proven once more that audiences have a thirst for live-action remakes of its animated classics.

Is this the fittest 70-year-old EVER?

( Personal trainer who started weight lifting in her 50s claims people are 'astounded' when she reveals her age

Giant Snow ‘Mushrooms’ Are Winter’s Rarest Natural Wonder

( They can grow 12 feet wide.

Major Blizzards in U.S. History

( Snow can turn a city into a winter wonderland or can immobilize towns leaving death and destruction in its wake. From the 19th century's "Great White Hurricane" to 1993's "Storm of the Century," here's a look back at some of the worst winter storms in U.S. history.

Where there are Islands in the sky? – Chiricahua Mountains

( In southeastern Arizona, a unique geology has created a ‘sky island’ ecosystem – meaning you’ll find deer, bears and mountain lions in the arid, dry desert.

10 Unusual Objects Encased in Ice

( This is 10 Unusual Objects Encased in Ice

Top 10 Attractions in San Francisco

( The Golden City. City by The Bay. The Paris of the West. Fog City. SF. San Fran. No matter what you call it, one thing is for sure: San Francisco has a lot going on. This sprawling city by the water beckons tourist from across the globe. The following ten attractions can probably explain why, as they combine the city’s cultural gems with its architectural sites and natural, breathtaking beauty.

9 Healthy Ways To Spend A Snow Day

( Snow days have a magical way of turning us all into kids again. Sure, you could spend those hours doing laundry, but where’s the fun in that?

The 15 best places to live in the US

( This is the list of 15 best places to live in the US

These are the 10 apps iPhone owners buy most

( There are millions of apps available for the iPhone, and in such a competitive space only the best apps get noticed.

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Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston (Texas): The first Gandhi Museum in the United States

The Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston (EGMH) is a cultural and educational museum dedicated to preserving and promoting Mahatma Gandhi's legacy by cultivating the universal...

(Uskings) Top fascinating travel experiences in the United States – P58 – Visit the White House, America’s most powerful symbol (Washington DC)

Touring the White House requires some advance planning. Public tour requests must be made through your member of Congress and submitted up to three...

The Humane Ai Pin makes its debut on the runway at Paris Fashion Week

Humane, a stealthy software and hardware company, is clearly milking the media hype cycle for all it’s worth. The company’s origin dates all the...