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Bands in California city attempt to set new record for longest running concert


Organizers thought they broke record last year, but attempt was invalidated by Guinness

New York city is the first city accepted Lunar New Year Added to New York Public School Calendar

Image: houstonmatters

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday morning that Asian Lunar New Year, considered one of the most important holidays in Asian culture, would become an official public school holiday, a reversal from just a few months ago when the mayor's office had said it would not be added to next year's calendar.

The Legend of Timpanogos


Mount Timpanogos overlooks the Utah Valley as the dominate peak in the region. Standing at 11,750 ft in elevation, the second highest mountain in Utah's Wasatch Range has long beckoned area residents to explain their relationship with the majestic peak

San Antonio Missions

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) commissioned a study—conducted by  the Center for Community and Business Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio—to comprehensively examine the economic impact of San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.

10-Year-Old Gets Mission Song Stricken from California School District Curriculum

A 10-year-old Wukchumni boy is changing the way one California school district teaches Native history.

Canoeists set a new record for paddling from KC to St. Charles

(Uskings) Chris Issendorf, 33, hauled himself out of the canoe, took a few steps on solid ground, then collapsed on the bank of the Missouri River at 6:34 Wednesday evening (July 29,2015).

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere



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John Cena Sets World Record

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The first drone to collect weather data in the U.S. may launch this fall

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