After a year of having to show online due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event has allowed visitors to attend but also comes with various restrictions.

The crystal ball, the symbol of the annual countdown event in Times Square, is being replaced with the last pieces to prepare for the New Year’s Eve moment of 2022. Up to this point, the standard work Basic equipment has been completed. The final test run will take place on December 30.
Mr. Nicolas Bonavita, AMA Sign & Electric advertising and sign design company, said: “Today, we will be replacing the pieces on the New Year’s Eve crystal ball. It’s 192 crystal puzzle pieces according to the new pattern of 2022. This year’s theme is the gift of wisdom“.
Right on the campus of Times Square, two COVID-19 testing points with long lines of people waiting, while the preparations for the Countdown Ceremony were underway.
At this time, the atmosphere at the Crossroads of the World is not much different from before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. However, in order to participate in this year’s countdown event, participants need to have a certificate of full vaccination, must wear a mask and ensure social distancing for the duration of the ceremony.
After a year of changing the organization form due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the countdown event to welcome the new year 2022 will be held directly again but with a limited number of participants.
In New York, the situation with the Omicron variant is complicated right before the holiday season. Therefore, this year, only about 15,000 people can attend the countdown to welcome the new year, equal to a quarter of the usual. However, to ensure the safety of the participants, the amount of preparatory work is much larger than every year.
According to Source of photo: internet