In 1998, Evan Goldberg founded NetSuite with funding provided by Larry Ellison, Oracle Corporation’s executive chairman. Then, the company was known as NetLedger and was the first company to offer web-hosted business applications to users. Many consider it to be the first cloud computing software company.

After assembling a veteran leadership team, NetSuite went public in 2007 and saw significant growth. Back then, software delivered through the Internet was the future. With NetSuite’s dedication to the value of internet-based services, they pioneered Saas technology as a form of business management. As a result, the company quickly saw its run rate increase from about one million to a billion.

In 2016, Oracle officially acquired NetSuite, with the companies merging its combined resources to serve small to midsize businesses and global enterprises effectively. Today, NetSuite provides its software to more than 21,000 companies and organizations in over 200 countries and territories.

NetSuite offers a modular product. Depending on the choice of modules, the platform can support management reporting, accounting, billing, human resources management, tax calculation, sales tools, payroll accounting, analytics. The cost of a NetSuite subscription is not fixed, it depends on the modules selected and the size of the company. The platform is accessed via the cloud, allowing users to access data from different devices and countries. NetSuite supports adding multiple companies with different currencies and reporting forms. NetSuite also supports local tax codes, including US, UK, Canada and EU countries.

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