Founded in 1819, Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. is proudly celebrating 200 years of American papermaking in 2019. Located in Bennington, New Hampshire on the banks of the Contoocook River, Monadnock is the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the country and has survived and thrived through radical changes in the paper business.

Today, Monadnock is humming with life and its eco-friendly products are found everywhere from blue jean tags to craft beer labels and retail gift cards. Monadnock decided decades ago to focus on environmental awareness and sustainability as the key to survival. While many companies continue to use plastic, a growing number of the world’s leading brands have adopted paper as a high-performing, eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

Monadnock provides printers and designers with papers for annual reports, brochures, direct mail, corporate identity, desktop publishing, and corporate communications of all kinds. In addition to its premium-branded lines, Monadnock manufactures specialty printing papers for applications such as fine art prints, papeteries, and conservation. 

The company’s papers are distributed through an extensive network of stocking merchant partners throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other select offshore markets. Furthermore, Monadnock produces technical specialty and converting products for a wide range of uses, including high internal-bond abrasive backing; tape system components; durable book coverings; controlled porosity, sterilizable medical packaging; high porosity vacuum filter media; and latex-treated, aqueous-emulsion-coated, strippable wallcovering. The company’s technical sales force sells these products to end-users primarily in the United States and Canada.

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