Founded in 1996, the company employs an efficient, repeatable, and scalable process, which it calls the “Mister Experience,” to deliver a clean, dry and shiny car every time. The core pillars of the “Mister Experience” are providing elevated hospitality to our guests, delivering the highest quality car wash and ensuring the experience is quick and convenient.  Mister Car Wash offers a monthly subscription program, which it calls Unlimited Wash Club (“UWC”), as a flexible, quick, and convenient option for customers to keep their cars clean.

The company’s scale and 25 years of innovation allow it to drive operating efficiencies and invest in training, infrastructure and technology that improve the speed of service, quality and sustainability and realize strong financial performance.

The company is the largest national car wash brand based on a number of locations, having grown from 65 locations in 2010 to 344 locations as of March 31, 2021.  Mister Car Wash operates two location formats: (i) Express Exterior Locations, which offer express exterior cleaning services, and (ii) Interior Cleaning Locations, which offer both express exterior and interior cleaning services.

Mister Car Wash’s Express Exterior Locations comprise 263 current locations and represent all of its historical and projected greenfield growth. The company has 81 Interior Cleaning Locations that serve as a fertile training ground for Mister operations and generate strong cash flows. The company car wash experience has broad demographic appeal and the price of a typical base exterior car wash is approximately $8.

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