Hoang Tuan Long (born 1974) is a brilliant architect with a passion for handmade products like character models and miniature landmarks. In 2015, he was the creator of a new art genre known as “BOARC.” This art style combines BO – BAMBOO (the bamboo family is often used as construction materials) and ARC (including Acrylic-Mica, Art, and Architect).


Architect Hoang Tuan Long, who created Boarc art, has executed numerous spectacular cultural heritage works in Vietnam and throughout the globe, including the One Pillar Pagoda, The Meridian Gate, Ben Thanh market, Tajmahal temple (India), Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Abu Dhabi), Capitol Palace (USA),..



Since 2016, his one-of-a-kind bamboo toothpick works have been displayed at prestigious domestic and international exhibitions in the United States, Dubai, Germany, England, Singapore, and Thailand. His works are praised for their creativity and attention to detail, and they attract a large number of visitors each year.


With accessible expertise and a never-ending creative process, architect Hoang Tuan Long has officially established a World Record as “The first person to create and build replicas of iconic buildings using toothpicks and lasers technique called BOARC” in 2020.




“Mandala Universe,” measuring 1.4m x 1.4m and made of 27,000 toothpicks, is a Boarc-style work of art designed and implemented by Architect-Record Holder Hoang Tuan Long over the period of three months.


The Mandala, a spiritual emblem in Hinduism and Buddhism that represents the image of the vast and huge world, is depicted at the center of the artwork. Surrounding the Mandala are 379 words of the Great Compassion Mantra, inserted by 379 people.

Photos of the “Mandala Universe” artwork.