David Rush, a man with 250 World Records to his name, broke another record after throwing a paper plane that hit a target at a distance of nearly 50 feet.
The serial record breaker, from Idaho, USA, has been breaking Guinness World Records for years to promote STEM education. Most recently, he earned the title for the farthest distance to hit a target with a paper aircraft.
Rush threw his paper plane and managed to land it in a bucket placed 49.21 feet away. He said it took him several attempts and yet many close calls in the lead-up to the record-breaking throw, which surpassed the goal of 19.68 feet set by Guinness World Records.
He now has a total of 251 World Records with the latest addition.
Some of the STEM advocates most remarkable accomplishments include most T-shirts worn during a half marathon (111); Most juggling catches while on a balance board (blindfolded) – 1,316; Fastest time to burst ten balloons (team of six) – 9.56 seconds and Longest duration balancing a chainsaw on the chin (37 minutes 57 seconds) — his favorite one, according to Guinness World Records.
He not only encourages students to take up STEM as their academic discipline but also inspires them to believe that anything is possible.
“One of the most important things you need to understand is that when you fail when you first try it, that is not a judgment on you or your ability or your natural talent, or your ability to succeed in the future,” David said.
According to timesnownews.com. Source of photos: internet