A photographer has captured the beauty of North America using his adventure-loving pet dog as a model.


Creative Hunter Lawrence, 24, sets up rural photo-shoots with his four-legged pal Aspen, while hiking through the USA and Canada.


Striking images show the silky Golden Retriever posing perfectly in front of a backdrop of snowy mountains and shimmering lakes.


Hunter and his wife Sarah adopted their photogenic pup when he was six-weeks-old.


With his adventurous humans, four-year-old Aspen has travelled to eight different states and holidayed in Alberta, Canada.As well as hiking once a week, sometimes for 15 miles, Aspen enjoys snow-sledging and canoeing.


Hunter, 24, said: 'Everywhere we take him basically everyone will stop, get down on a knee and start playing with him.'My wife and I always joke that when we take Aspen with us anywhere, it takes us three times as long.'He's the most joyful dog and loves being outdoors.