He's been called a 'real-life X-Men', but it isn't super powers that gives Jamie Keeton the ability to stick objects to his skin – it is a mysterious and rare skin condition.

Keeton, also known as 'Can Head', has an extraordinary capability of his skin that allows him to stick cans and bottles to his head.

Specialists have suggested that the talent stems from his higher than average body temperature, 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which causes his skin pores to act like suction cups.

During a recent interview in Chicago, Keeton poured water into a glass from a bottle suctioned to his head.

And, the skill has even earned him a Guinness World Record.  

'My doctor explained to me that my skin pores act like suction cups, so things stick to me,' Keeton, who is 47 years old, told Daily Mail Online in a previous interview.

'My body heat is also hotter than normal, which makes the suction stronger,' Keeton said.

Doctors are baffled by the rare disease and have concluded that he is the only person in the US to have the suction capability.

And similar to how a superhero's power develops with age – so did Keeton's ability.

He first realized there was something different about him at the age of seven when his toys began sticking to his skin.

'My parents thought it was just pine sap from climbing trees,' explained Keeton.

'When I was younger I didn't promote it a lot'.

'I was scared people would call me a freak.' 

But as he grew older and realized people would actual pay to see his bizarre talent, Keeton stopped caring about other people's opinions, he said.

'People are like, 'That's retarded,' but now I'm paid to do it. How retarded is that?'

It may seem bizarre to some, but Keeton has turned the condition into a full-time career, which earns him up to 2,500 a day and sometimes as much as $8,000 in a weekend – and all he is does is stick cans and bottles from brands to his head.

Although the mysterious condition has yet to be given an official name, Keeton has a few ideas of what it could be.

'Maybe 'Can Head Suction Disease,' he said, before changing his mind.

'Well not 'Disease' though, that sounds bad. Maybe 'Can Head Skin Condition' would be a good name.'

Not only is he able to stick objects to his skin, but his wounds heal faster, he gets sick less and ages slower than the average person.

Keeton won the Guinness World Record for carrying the most cans on his head last year.


During the event, he kept eight cans on his head for a total of 10 seconds  – winning him the record.

'Of course I blew a lot of minds in China,' Keeton said.

'My interpreter was stopped three times by the police, because I was walking around with cans on my head. 

'Also I was in shorts and t-shirt even though it was like nine degrees out.' 



According to dailymail.co.uk