Lineage Logistics is an international warehousing and logistics company owned by Bay Grove, LLC. The company was founded on April 18, 2012 by American investment firm Bay Grove Capital, LLC, through the consolidation of acquired warehousing and logistics companies, beginning, in December 2008, with the purchase of Seafreeze from Toyo Susian Kaisha.

The Lineage name combines the company’s unique legacy and expertise with the connectedness of cold chain logistics. Similarly, the shield represents the companies that were built by entrepreneurs and families over decades and generations and today form Lineage. It is also symbol of the collective strength behind the company.

Lineage Logistics was formed with the fifth largest network of temperature-controlled warehouse facilities in North America, according to International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) rankings, with 40 facilities in eight states, including near international ports at Savannah, Georgia, Seattle, Washington and Norfolk, Virginia; warehouse management; consulting; and food processing support.

In 2021, Lineage launches direct-to-consumer fulfillment capabilities. The addition of five US locations from Crystal Creek Logistics allows Lineage to enter a rapidly growing e-commerce space to meet the increasing demand for fulfillment services. Crystal Creek is one of the largest providers of e-commerce fulfillment services.

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