Lincoln had its humble beginnings in Stow Massachusetts in 1959 and since that time has always called New England home.

It all started when two young college students had just returned from a summer spent exploring northern Canada’s wilderness by canoe. Their craft was an 80-pound, 18-foot aluminum canoe, (state of the art at the time). They trudged along… all the while they thought “there must be a better way”. Upon their return, they set out to find a better way. They built the first Lincoln to be one that would be lighter and easier to handle.

Lincoln’s Kevlar and fiberglass canoes and kayaks are known for being lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver. They’re made using a unique vacuum-bag resin infusion process called Paddle Lite that laminates the entire vessel in a way that, according to Lincoln, makes for the best strength-to-weight ratio. This means that not only do the boats perform well on the water, they’re also easy to transport on land. Lincoln has been perfecting its canoe and kayak craftsmanship for 50 years and also rents boats and runs group excursions and courses from its Freeport headquarters.

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