According to Kung Fu Tea, it all started when three friends, returning from a 2009 visit to Taiwan, met to brainstorm business possibilities upon their return to New York. Sitting down at a local bubble tea joint, they started to chat. As they sipped their drinks, they found that it just didn’t match up to the boba they knew and loved back in Taiwan. As they looked at the line of customers, they must have had a lightbulb moment and realized that the demand was there. If they made great boba as the trio knew it, then they could succeed. Hence, Kung Fu Tea was born. 

What makes Kung Fu Tea stand out? Those beverages are seriously fresh. The chain also uses tea leaves that have been handpicked in Taiwan, adding great flavor and real authenticity to the brand. Meanwhile, the boba is also made fresh every couple of hours, too. When it comes to other fruity varieties, the chain is also careful to use fresh juice (via Kung Fu Tea). Almost none of the ingredients in a Kung Fu Tea will be sitting around for too long.

Kung Fu Tea serves up some of these classic milk teas, including ones made with taro, green tea, as well as the relatively sweet Thai milk tea, or perhaps some honey and oolong. What’s more, you can customize your own drink with plenty of add-ins to up the flavor ante that much more. These comprise the traditional tapioca boba, plus mango, grape, or even coffee-flavored bubbles.

At the heart of Kung Fu Tea are, of course, those sweet, gummy pearls of boba. However, with customers able to choose their own toppings, along with customized sugar and ice levels, it’s clear that the brand is all about creating your own personalized drink. Hot versions are available for most concoctions too. 

Plus, Kung Fu Tea is more than boba. As well as the soft bubbles, other added delights include sweet milky jelly, nata jelly made from coconut pulp and pineapple, adzuki beans, and herbal or aloe-flavored jelly cubes (Kung Fu Tea). In 2021, Kung Fu Tea was recorded among Nation’s Restaurant News Top 500 Restaurant Chains.

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