The museum opened in 2002 and has a permanent collection of over 2,500 hand fans, spanning several centuries and many styles. Founded by Museum President and FANA Board Member Pamela Sher, the Museum is currently housed in the Hotel Healdsburg Complex.

In September 2005, the Museum hosted its first Annual Fan Convention in the California Wine Country to bring Museum members together to mark the donation of over 200 fans to the Museum by artist Charlotte C. Stokes of Pennsylvania.

The purpose of the Hand Fan Museum is to provide educational and cultural enrichment to the public by utilizing the hand fan as a vehicle for teaching history, art and geography, via publications, lectures and the establishment of a museum where actual hand fans from around the world will be exhibited.The Hand Fan Museum brings cultural and artistic history from around the world to Northern California. The museum is a jewel box-small in size but not in purpose.

It is the first museum in the United States dedicated solely to hand fans and displays a permanent collection, as well as a rotating exhibit, that tell, often in beguiling detail, the stories of the cultures and individuals who used them. This endeavor is intended to be both educational and fun – bringing enjoyment to participants of all ages.

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