Grayscale Investments is a company that manages cryptocurrency investment funds. It is a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group, which also owns the cryptocurrency news and digital media company Coindesk.

Grayscale Investments was created in 2013 by the Digital Currency Group. In March 2017, Grayscale managed $208 million worth of investments in the Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust. By March 2018, the company had created investment trusts for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and Zcash in addition to bitcoin. By that time, Grayscale was managing more than $2.1 billion in cryptocurrency investment trusts.

Grayscale Investments manages a number of investment trusts, which it refers to as private “investment vehicles,” for large amounts of bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Horizen, XRP, Zcash, and Stellar Lumens. Grayscale also manages the Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund, a market-cap-weighted fund consisting of a basket of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap (bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin) using several digital asset reference rates – TradeBlock XBX, ETX, XRX, BCX, and LTX Index 24-hour VWAPs.

These trusts, or “vehicles” are passive investment funds, which track the prices of each digital asset in real-time using digital trade algorithms. GBTC specifies on its website that only “accredited investors as defined under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933” are permitted to invest in any of their investment vehicles.

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