Fr. Joseph, record holder Ta Huy Hoang was born in 1960, attended and graduated from the Third Class (1993-1999) of Saint Joseph’s Seminary in Saigon. Father graduated with a Doctor of Pastoral Theology from The Catholic University of America, USA. Returning to Vietnam, he is a professor at several major seminaries, the Catholic Institute of Vietnam under the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Vietnam.

He currently owns 04 Vietnamese Records thanks to his painstaking research, compilation and publication of over 100 books for teaching and research on the Bible, theology, languages, pastoral ministry… by English and Vietnamese serving Vietnamese Catholics.

On May 20, 2023, at the 52nd Vietnam Record Holders Meeting taking place at the 272 Convention Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Fr. Joseph Ta Huy Hoang was honored to receive the World Record as The first priest in the world to complete and publish the textbook handbook of ministry of professions: Understanding and living Faith-Hope-Charity… in fulfilment of the training program of master of ministry at the catholic institute of Vietnam.

The above textbook consists of four major categories with extensive data: Ministry of Professions: Understanding and Living Faith-Hope-Charity… (7 volumes – 2,750 A5 pages); Pebbles and Stones Still in Need of Being Together (100 volumes – 6,010 A5 pages); CIVEL Linguistic Material (8 volumes – 9,253 A4 pages); A Collection of More than 400 Instructional Video Clips. Considered as an important Pastoral Theology Textbook, the above set of documents has contributed in an essential way to the Master of Ministry Program at the Catholic Institute of Vietnam in particular, and to the other programs of professions in general.

Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury – Chairman of World Records Union (far left); and Professor, Academician Hoang Quang Thuan – Director of the Institute of Telecommunications Technology,Co-Founder of Vietnam Records Organization and Dr. Le Doan Hop awarded world record certificate to Fr. Joseph Ta Huy Hoang.