Founded in 2016, FlytBase, Inc., a Silicon Valley company, has built the world’s first Internet of Drones (IoD) platform, providing drone-agnostic software solutions to automate and scale drone operations. FlytBase offerings are compatible with major drone hardware platforms (e.g., DJI, Ardupilot, PX4) and come with SDKs, simulators, and APIs for reliable testing and seamless integration. FlytBase was a part of Cisco’s accelerator program and was recognised as the Grand Champion at the NTT Data’s Global Innovation Contest.

FlytZip is an affordable, turnkey, and hardware-agnostic software application that allows users (“Operators”) to add off-the-shelf or custom-built drones to their dashboard and execute multiple deliveries simultaneously. Operators have complete administrative control of all the shipments from start to finish: They can add and manage a set of dispatchers, approve and modify orders, configure different drop-off points for multi-package deliveries, monitor drone telemetry, and do much more.

Numerous flight-safety actions such as pre-flight checks, fail safes, and geofences can also be set for each delivery mission

Every dispatcher added by the operator has access to a separate order dashboard, where order details such as the pickup and drop locations can be set/modified, recipient information can be added, and order history can be viewed. For each shipment, a delivery route is auto-generated by the system for optimum resource utilization. Further, once a delivery mission starts, the recipient of the package gains access to the live HD video streamed from the drone in transit to their location and can view the status of the shipment.

FlytZip offers seamless integrations with third-party software such as ERP, inventory, and air-traffic management systems (UTMs) and landing platforms such as docking stations and smart storage boxes. It also supports advanced cargo mechanisms such as winch and grip modules for package release.

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