FlightAware is an American multinational technology company that provides real-time, historical, and predictive flight tracking data and products. It is currently the world’s largest flight tracking platform, with a network of over 32,000 ADS-B ground stations in 200 countries. FlightAware also provides aviation data and predicted ETAs to airlines, airport operators, and software developers. FlightAware is privately held, with headquarters in Eleven Greenway Plaza in Houston and sales offices in New York City, Austin, Singapore, and London.

The company’s website provides flight tracking information and notifications of private and commercial flights as well as airport activity, flight and airport maps with weather, aviation statistics, flight planning and instrument flight rules procedures for airports in the United States and Australia. In addition, the site includes pilot services such as flight planning, aviation news, photos, and an aviation discussion forum.

Users can register with the site for free, which adds features and functionality as well as the ability to participate in community features. Registration allows users to upload photos, submit aviation-related news (“squawks”), participate in discussion forums, and set up aircraft alerts in addition to numerous other features. FlightAware reports over ten million registered users. FlightAware serves over 500 million flight tracking pages to over 12 million users per month as of June 2019.

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