When a serious climbing accident left him with six permanent screws in his shattered ankle, CorePower Yoga Founder and CEO Trevor Tice experienced first-hand the transformational benefits of yoga. An avid outdoorsman from Telluride, CO, Trevor was left searching for an exercise to replace the running, climbing and other physically challenging activities that were no longer accessible to him. He found yoga, and was hooked.

Traveling for his technology business, Trevor practiced a variety of yoga disciplines at yoga studios across the country and found an opportunity to make yoga dynamic, challenging and convenient.

In 2002, Trevor opened the first CorePower Yoga studio on Grant Street in downtown Denver, CO, offering a proprietary form of athletic, heated yoga in modern, welcoming and spa-like studios. With six teachers, including Trevor, teaching four classes per day, it took several arduous months before classes began to fill up. But they did. And it wasn’t long before people were talking about this new yoga.

CorePower Yoga, based in Denver, Colorado, is the largest yoga studio chain in the United States with more than 220 locations across 22 states. In 2022, it opened seven new studios, with four new locations scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2023. 

The brand enrolled 170,000 new members in-studio in 2022, honing on its digital presence to continue to expand their reach. CorePower Yoga offers various formats of yoga, such as their signature C2 class, Yoga Sculpt, Hot Power Fusion, and occasional bootcamp style classes.

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