Coca-Cola’s globally feted music-led global franchise is back in India. Coke Studio is a music platform with a mission to provide consumers with exclusive access and content to music festivals, artists and experiences.

The brand unveiled its repositioned India avatar and launched the first-ever edition of Coke Studio Bharat (Bharat is another name for India in the Hindi language). The season will comprise 10 tracks, that will celebrate the evolving young India, and bring together over 50 artists from across the country.

Arnab Roy, vice-president of marketing, Coca-Cola India & Southwest Asia, told The Drum: “The future of India in the next few years is going to be driven by the bold and confident citizens living in the smaller towns of Bharat.”

Speaking at the launch event, Piyush Pandey, chairman of global creative and executive chairman of Ogilvy India, said: “Coke Studio Bharat is an opportunity to move the classical to the ‘massical’ level, where the masses around the world can enjoy the magic of Indian music.”

The evolution of Coke Studio

Coke Studio, a globally acclaimed platform, has been about celebrating authentic regional music in whichever country it has been launched. It made its debut in Brazil in 2006 and has since then been launched in Pakistan, the Middle East, Africa, The Philippines, and Bangladesh. Most recently Coke Studio Tamil launched in Chennai, (South India).

In India, Coke Studio was first launched in 2011 and has had six editions since, the last one being in 2015. Despite a gap of eight years, Coke Studio has continued to have a large fan following in India and Roy credit’s the huge success of Coke Studio Pakistan, which has helped keep the brand alive for regional music fans.

What makes Coke Studio Bharat distinct

The refreshed Coke Studio Bharat will feature musical traditions from multiple regions in India to create music for the music-loving, young-at-heart New India consumer. The distinct cultural dots of various regions in the country have been connected with artists whose music is defined by their roots – all of it done in a foot-tapping and engaging manner. The defining thread of this edition, says Roy, is “the revival of pride in the nation – the people of the country are no longer shy of flaunting who they are or where they are from.”

It is no secret that, in the post-TikTok and YouTube era, a majority of content creators are coming from smaller towns in India and not from the metro cities like Mumbai or Delhi. The youth in the smaller towns are having full access, and are thus, fully aware of the global music trends.

This shift is already being witnessed in cricket and now we will see a far more confident youth-led India in music too, adds Roy.

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