The Cambridge Chronicle was first published on May 7, 1846. A few days before, Cambridge was incorporated as a city, and Scotsman Andrew Reid seized on the opportunity to publish a weekly newspaper. Cambridge was home to the first printing press in the Colonies, and nearby Boston was home to the first newspaper.

Cambridge developed a vibrant newspaper industry. The Cambridge Press was founded by James Cox in 1866. The Cambridge News was founded by Daniel A. Buckley in 1879, who used it as a medium to promote his personal views. Since 1873, Cambridge’s only daily newspaper has been The Harvard Crimson.

The Dole family acquired the Cambridge Chronicle in the 1930s. They merged it with its rival paper, the Cambridge Sun, in 1935. The family sold the newspapers to Fidelity Investments in 1991. It was integrated into the Community Newspaper Company, another subsidiary of Fidelity Investment, in 1996.

The Community Newspaper Company was sold to the Boston Herald’s owner, Herald Media, in 2001. It was again sold to GateHouse Media, in 2006. In September 2012, the Chronicle merged with Tab Communications’s Cambridge Tab.

The first editions were produced by hand press above the Holmes Grocery Store, on the corner of Magazine and Main Streets in Central Square. The articles are also published on, a website owned by the Community Newspaper Company.

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