The Bengies Drive-In Theatre was the result of a collaboration by Jack, Hank, and Paul Vogel. Jack was the sole architect for the project and the Vogel Building Company, with Hank at the helm, did the actual construction.



The drive-in opened on June 6, 1956, exactly 23 years after Richard Hollingshead opened the very first drive-in theatre. It was named the Bengies Drive-In Theatre to reflect the name of the surrounding Bengies community, which had been named to honor the 23rd US. President Benjamin Harrison (nicknamed Bengie).



Built with streamlined efficiency and customer service in mind, the brand new Bengies not only sported the perfect and largest CinemaScope screen tower but also featured a large, well-designed snack bar with two serving lanes.  Each auditorium seated 60. Its screen is the largest remaining in the United States, measuring 52 feet (16 m) high and 120 feet (37 m) wide.

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