According to the store’s official website, Bananas was founded by Doug and Michelle Allen as a book store in 1977 that evolved into a record store in the ensuing years, eventually selling off its book inventory. The 6,500-square-foot warehouse, located at 2226 16th Avenue North, exclusively carries vinyl records and unofficially claims to be the largest record store in the United States, carrying over 3 million records. In 2010, the store opened a second location nearby at 2887 22nd Avenue North that carries compact discs, DVDs, and vinyl. The location is larger than the warehouse, with over 10,000 square feet.

The first stop was the Bananas Records: Vinyl Warehouse, which is open to the public and easily lives up to the three million record inventory boasts made before. It, however, is as it sounds, a warehouse. Nothing about this location screams retail, as it more resembles a library, especially considering that some shelves are off limits to the general public and marked “Staff Only.”

The second stop was across the street at the Bananas Records: Audio Equipment Sales and Service warehouse. Again, a warehouse (also open to the public) jam-packed with stereo receivers, turntables, integrated amplifiers, and speakers big and small. One could get lost in there, if not careful enough to leave a trail of breadcrumbs leading the way out.

And, the final stop for the day, should likely be your first — Bananas Records: CDs, DVDs, & Vinyl. This is the ideal Bananas Records experience. Imagine a record store that took over an entire city block. An entire stage for live performances almost goes unnoticed for the sea of record shelves that litter the landscape. If that isn’t enough, there are alcoves galore with more records by genre, and a room dedicated to audio equipment sales.

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