Sticky rice is a rustic dish and familiar to everyone. When it comes to the fried sticky rice ball, anyone who has tasted it will immediately think of Bien Hoa City – Dong Nai province – the birthplace of this unique dish. The fried sticky rice balls are not only present in luxury restaurants but also popular in affordable ones and family parties in the countryside. Almost every diner seeing this dish for the first time can’t hide their surprise and delight at a puffy yellow ball, placed on the table, and to be cut into thin pieces, and served with baked or roasted chicken with a sweet, fleshy, crispy taste.

Fried sticky rice ball contributes to the reputation of the culinary treasure of Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

The legend says that the fried sticky rice ball was created in the 1950s. A chef accidentally dropped a lump of steamed sticky rice into a boiling pan of oil. It turned into a delicious puffy ball with a crispy and limber texture. Since then, fried sticky rice ball has become the signature dish of that restaurant.

In order to promote local special dishes, Dong Nai province also put some efforts into organizing events to bring the reputation of this special dishes to diners all over the world. One of them is the event gathering the largest number of chefs to make fried sticky rice balls in Vietnam organized by the Dong Nai Tourism Association, which set a Vietnam Record in 2014.

Vietnam Record for the event gathering the largest number of people to fry sticky rice balls, organized by Dong Nai Province Tourism Association in 2014

Continuing the journey to seek and promote the values of Vietnamese cuisine and specialties to the world, in early 2023, Vietnam Records Organization – Vietkings continued to nominate nine Vietnamese famous dishes and specialties, including Dong Nai’s fried sticky rice ball, to the Asia Book of Records.

Fried sticky rice ball is not simply a dish but also a piece of art

The main ingredients for making fried sticky rice balls are glutinous rice, mung bean, and sugar. A delicious fried sticky rice ball must be round and evenly golden. The sticky rice must be both slightly crispy, and chewy, and have a distinctive aroma. The chef’s kneading and frying technique is the key to this dish. Fried sticky rice ball is a popular dish and is also performed in domestic and international culinary competitions.


2023 Dong Nai Province’s Culture, Tourism, and Cuisine Week is an outstanding event to introduce, promote, and attract tourists to Dong Nai province, contributing to promoting the province’s tourism development. On this occasion, the Asia Book of Records also authorized the leaders of Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) to award the Asian Record Certificate for the “Fried sticky rice ball” of Dong Nai Province.

Culinary space at 2023 Dong Nai province’s Culture, Tourism and Cuisine Week. (photo: VietKings)

On behalf of the Vietnam Record Association – Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings), there was the attendance of Mr. Duong Duy Lam Vien – General Secretary of the Vietnam Record Association, Director of Vietnam Records Institute; Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuong Van – Deputy General Secretary and Head of International Division of Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings).

With the theme “Dong Nai – Convergence of natural, cultural and tourism values”, the week has a series of 11 outstanding cultural, tourism, and sports events. At this event, Dong Nai province was also honored to receive the certificate of Asian Record for “Fried sticky rice ball” recognized by the Asia Book of Records.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuong Van – Deputy Secretary General cum Head of International Relation Division of Vietnam Records Organization, announced the Authorization Letter from the Asia Book of Records. (photo: VietKings)


Mr. Duong Duy Lam Vien – Director of the Vietnam Records Institute, General Secretary of the Vietnam Record Association, authorized by the Asia Book of Records, to award the Asia Record Certificate for “Fried sticky rice ball” to the representative of Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee. (photo: VietKings)

At the event, 11 professional chefs from famous restaurants in Dong Nai province performed the fried sticky rice ball cooking technique. This is a highlight of 2023 Dong Nai province’s Culture, Tourism, and Cuisine Week.

The chefs showed their cooking technique while making the fried sticky rice ball (photo: VietKings)

With the Asian Culinary Value of Dong Nai province’s fried sticky rice ball in particular and the culinary values of Vietnamese specialties in general, Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) hopes that it will continue to be able to nominate more delicious dishes and unique specialties of 63 provinces throughout the country to international organizations. From there, it affirms the position of Vietnamese cuisine while popularizing the culinary quintessence of Vietnam to the world.

WORLDKINGS (Source of photos : Vietkings)