99 Ranch Market is an American supermarket chain owned by Tawa Supermarket Inc., which is based in Buena Park, California. 99 Ranch has 54 stores (as of June 2021), primarily in California, with other stores in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Virginia. The company also started offering shopping via its website in 2014. In February 2021, the company also launched its mobile app for grocery delivery.

99 Ranch Market, also known as Tawa Supermarket, was established in 1984 by Mr. Roger Chen. As a Taiwanese immigrant, he noticed a cultural gap in the typical American supermarket where he saw a need for an Asian supermarket in surrounding communities. He filled that gap and thus, the very first 99 Ranch Market was born.

The company slogan, “For 100, we try harder” demonstrates our commitment to always providing the best products and services to the communities its serve. “Ranch Market” represents freshness and symbolizes the company’s promise to deliver the freshest products.

Although most of its customers are ethnic Chinese Americans, shoppers also include recent immigrants from China, ethnic Chinese from Vietnam, and others. The chain sells a wide range of imported food products and merchandise from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia (particularly Vietnam and Thailand).

It also carries some domestic products made by Chinese American companies and a limited selection of mainstream American brands. In addition, it has also reached out to pan-Asian customers, especially Filipino Americans and Japanese Americans, by opening locations in areas predominantly populated by people of these two ethnicities.

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