Conceived by Jonny C. Hwang, a businessman born in Taiwan and raised in southern California, the market was inspired by the night markets of Asia, especially the Shilin Night Market in Taipei. The inaugural market was held in 2012 and drew an unexpectedly large crowd that clogged the streets of Old Town Pasadena, initially drawing negative criticism from attendees and allegations of mismanagement. The market subsequently relocated to Santa Anita Park.

The events are known for their large selection of Instagram-friendly foods, ranging from traditional night market snacks found in Asia such as stinky tofu and meat skewers to fusion cuisines such as pho tacos and ramen burgers. Vendors are local businesses, entrepreneurs, and aspiring chefs that may already own a restaurant, retail store or food truck, or are launching a new product or brand for the first time.

The vendors at 626 Night Market are constantly rotating—especially among the different locations that pop up throughout the year—so we encourage you to check out their vendor list here before venturing out.

Bombing Giant Squid is a booth well known for their Instagram-worthy, deep-fried skewers of squid. Each squid is propped up by two chopsticks inserted through its center and features a dry-dredged exterior that gives way to a tender, but bouncy, squid interior.

Yakitori Yado specializes in juicy chicken and mochi skewers griddled over a charcoal flame, giving it a smoky aroma. Once the chicken is finished cooking, the skewers are dunked in a sweet and salty tare sauce for a glistening finish, etc.

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