Swimmers Drop Their Dacks (And Inhibitions) For 'Sydney Skinny'


(UsKings.us) Swimmers were given sarongs to protect them from the... ahem, stiff breeze.

Clouds, wind and rain didn't stop Sydneysiders from getting off their gear and going for a cheeky dip as part of The Sydney Skinny, an annual charity event aiming to promote optimism and raise money for charity.



Organisers say the event attracted 1400 swimmers at a Cobblers Beach in the Sydney Harbour National Park. Money raised will be donated to the Foundation for Parks and Wildlife and Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Neurosurgeon Charlie Teo and Surfing legend Lane Beachley joined the record crowd who swam either 900 or 300 metres in the nude as part of the event.

The Sydney Skinny markets itself as a way to personally challeng yourself to step ever-so-slightly outside your comfort zone.

Beachley spoke to Nine's The Today Show and said the event is ultimately about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing life.


"We're all born, flesh and blood, and it's a matter of just going outside, having some fun and swimming with thousands of people."

Swimmers were given sarongs after their swim to protect them from the...stiff breeze.


According to huffingtonpost

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