Microbes in glittering crystal cave revived after 10,000 years


(USKings.us) Microbes that may be between 10,000 and 50,000 years old have been revived from the inside of enormous, glittering crystals from a Mexican cave.

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    Trump gave one of the longest first speeches to Congress


    President Trump delivered his first speech to Congress Tuesday in a wide-ranging address that lasted a little over an hour, making it the second-longest such speech among modern presidents.

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    10 Best Selling Consumer Products in the USA


    (UsKings.us) These 10 best selling consumer products in the USA have made their respective companies financial giants. Even with the high number of products being innovated and released annually, it just takes one product and one brand to make all the difference. The products listed here are at the front of their respective industries and are the ones that sell the most. They can demand a premium price as compared to other goods in the industry and are also well managed and well marketed. A lot of these factors have made them into the most profitable products in the country.

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    Famous & popular festivals in America


    (UsKings.us) Annually, in America, many large and small festivals are held. There are some festivals that are popular and well-known in all over the world. Taking part in these festivals, people will be able to increase their confidence and make friends with others easily.

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    Top 10 Dishes in D.C


    (USKings)Here's some of the most favortie dishes in Washington DC, arcording to Washingtonpost:

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    10 top-grossing Christmas movies in the U.S.


    (USKings)Here's the top 10 highest grossing Christmas movies in the U.S.

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    10 Christmas Songs Americans Are Listening To The Most


    (USKings)What are the most popular Christmas songs in America?

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    10 U.S. Towns with Incredible Christmas Celebrations


    (USKings)Here are the ten U.S. towns with incredilbe Christmas celebrations.

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    America's 10 Best Zoos


    (USKings)From Chicago to San Diego to Miami, these are America's best zoos.

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    The top 20 largest amusement parks in North America-No.19: Six Flags Great Adventure


    (USKings)Six Flags Great Adventure is an amusement park located in Jackson, New Jersey, owned by Six Flags Entertainment Corp. Situated between New York City and Philadelphia, the park complex also contains the Hurricane Harbor water park.

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