Top 10 Attractions in San Francisco


(UsKings.us) The Golden City. City by The Bay. The Paris of the West. Fog City. SF. San Fran. No matter what you call it, one thing is for sure: San Francisco has a lot going on. This sprawling city by the water beckons tourist from across the globe. The following ten attractions can probably explain why, as they combine the city’s cultural gems with its architectural sites and natural, breathtaking beauty.

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    9 Healthy Ways To Spend A Snow Day


    (UsKings.us) Snow days have a magical way of turning us all into kids again. Sure, you could spend those hours doing laundry, but where’s the fun in that?

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    The 15 best places to live in the US


    (UsKings.us) This is the list of 15 best places to live in the US

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    These are the 10 apps iPhone owners buy most


    (Uskings.us) There are millions of apps available for the iPhone, and in such a competitive space only the best apps get noticed.

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    The 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The USA


    (UsKings.us) ‘America the beautiful‘ has been the American anthem since 1895. ‘From California to the New York island. From the red wood forest to the Gulf Stream waters,’ Guthrie reminded us in 1951, ‘this land was made for you and me.’ We pay homage to the vast, varied beauty that is the U.S. with ten lovely towns that will take even the most seasoned traveler’s breath away.

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    The 10 longest rivers in the USA


    (UsKings.us) If life is like a river, than the longer it is, the better. And America has more than its share of long, winding rivers, from serene waterways through the plains to rushing rapids in canyons to enormous channels that are the lifeblood for commerce and transportation in the region.

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    The first woman to fly across the Atlantic ocean.


    (UsKings.us) On June 18, 1928, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger aboard a Fokker tri-motor aircraft that was piloted by Wilmer Stultz and Louis Gordon.

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    The most powerful women in US


    (UsKings.us) Who are the most powerful women in U.S this year? They are the smartest and toughest female business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, philanthropists and CEOs making their mark in the world today. They’re women who are building billion-dollar brands, calling the shots in the financial markets, and crisscrossing the globe to broker international agreements and provide aid.

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    New York City Is Getting Its First Chocolate Museum


    (UsKings.us) Jacques Torres is opening a chocolate museum called Choco-Story New York this week in Manhattan

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    [The 18 richest people in America] P.2


    (UsKings.us) The 18 richest — culled from the global top 30 — are worth an astounding $793 billion — more than the annual GDP of the Netherlands, Turkey, or Switzerland.

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