The Definitive Money Ranking In Sports


(UsKings.us) For years FORBES has been the ultimate scorekeeper of sports business, tracking everything from the most valuable teams to the highest-earning players, from top agencies to biggest sponsors. But quantifying monetary success doesn't tell the full story.

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    12 best airlines in America


    (UsKings.us) Here is a detailed breakdown of the new Airline Quality Ratings.

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    10 Longest Running Talk Shows on US Television


    (UsKings.us) These are the longest running talk shows – late night and daytime talk shows on US Television.

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    Most expensive warship ever built FINALLY hits water


    (UsKings.us) US Navy tests out its newest $13bn supercarrier that has been dogged by reliability issues and over a year of delays.

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    The 7 Best Hikes In California


    (UsKings.us) One of the benefits to living in California is the abundance of beautiful parks, mountains and scenery. If you’re a hiking enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the tremendous variety in hikes that California has to offer. Whether you prefer the beach, the mountains or the desert, there is a gorgeous trail ready to be explored.

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    The top 15 cities in America to buy your first home


    (UsKings.us) While many cities in the Midwest and South — including San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and others in Texas — proved exceptional for first-time homebuyers, Pittsburgh came out on top. Read on to find out the best 15 cities to buy a first home, plus statistics on mortgages, affordability, and home value.

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    Top 10 Most Expensive Watches


    (UsKings.us) Have you ever wondered, what are the most expensive watches in world? Here I am going to tell you about 10 of most expansive watches. There are many intricate details in million dollar watches like expensive stones, diamonds and gems that are encrusted into them jacking up their price. These watches have complicated mechanisms inside that make time telling as accurate as it could be. Some are equipped with the tourbillion, an intricate mechanism that counters the effects of gravity. These complexities definitely increase the selling price of these expensive watches in the world.

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    The 7 best beach camping spots in America


    (UsKings.us) Spring is finally upon us and summer camping trips are just around the corner, but many of America’s best sites require campers to book months in advance.

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    Poconos' Kalahari: America's largest indoor water park


    (UsKings.us) Imagine a large, outdoor water park that's stocked with nearly every conceivable slide and splashtastic attraction that the genre has to offer including a wave pool, a meandering lazy river, a water coaster, a funnel ride, a FlowRider wave-making machine for boogie boarding, a bowl ride, and much more. Now imagine cramming all of it inside a cavernous building.

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    The top 10 tech companies that pay the most when poaching employees


    (UsKings.us) Here are the top 10 tech companies that pay the most when poaching employees, according to Paysa

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