[USKINGS] Monterey Bay Aquarium - The best aquarium in the United States


(Uskings.us) The best aquarium play an important role in education, in preserving species and taking part in animal rescue efforts. They ensure that their buildings and practices are eco-friendly. The best aquariums in the United States combine entertainment and education with their scientific mission

Named the top aquarium in the United States for kids by "Parents" magazine in 2007, California's Monterey Bay Aquarium offers 550 different species in more than 100 tanks.

Parents praised the aquarium's Splash Zone for its kid-friendly features for children younger than 9, and interactive exhibits including touch pools, underwater cameras and child-sized microscopes.

Coastal Living placed the aquarium in the No. 2 spot on its top 10 list for its concentration on local sea life in exhibits such as the three-story kelp forest – the first in the country – and a million-gallon tank housing tuna and sharks.

According to traveltips.usatoday.com

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