617_wealthiest personbystate map.jpg

The wealthiest person in the US


Image: movoto According to Static Map of movoto's web page . the wealthiest person in the US of each state did not achieve their fortunes in the same way,have incomes that are orders of magnitude higher than the average person.

  • 547_sexiest cities in the US.jpg

    America's sexist cities


    Image: dailymail Talk about Sex and the City! Playboy names New York as the 'sexiest' city in the country and reveals one in four residents have a fondness for kink and BDSM   

  • 955_corpse-flower.jpg

    The first-ever bloom of a stinky


    Image: livescience   The first-ever bloom of a stinky "corpse flower" in the Rocky Mountain region is happening here yesterday (Aug. 19)

  • 950_10 Hottest Selling Cars in the US.jpg

    10 Hottest Selling Cars in the US


    Image: carcrushing (USKings) This is list 10 Hottest Selling Cars in the US

  • 253_tet-festival-houston-2014-vietnamese-lunar-new-year.jpg

    New York city is the first city accepted Lunar New Year Added to New York Public School Calendar


    Image: houstonmatters New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday morning that Asian Lunar New Year, considered one of the most important holidays in Asian culture, would become an official public school holiday, a reversal from just a few months ago when the mayor's office had said it would not be added to next year's calendar.

  • 273_549370-thumb-288xauto-473493.jpg

    The greatest president in the US all time


    Image: polls.trendolizer.com According to the survey: 391 members of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents & Executive Politics section, the premier organization of experts of the American presidency, were invited to complete the online survey, which was administered by Brandon Rottinghaus by the University of Houston and Justin S. Vaughn of Boise State University. 162 surveys were completed online between May and November 2014

  • 577_620px-Shirley_plantation_loc.jpg

    List of oldest companies in the United States


    Image : en.wikipedia.org This list of the oldest companies in the United States includes brands and companies, excluding associations, education, government or religious organizations

  • 156_Denali_Mt_McKinley.jpg

    The highest mount in US


    Image: en.wikipedia.org Mount McKinley from the north. Wonder Lake is in the foreground

  • 939_Ghost-Room-by-Listy-on-deviantART-Google-Chrome_2013-10-09_11-40-27-Optimized.png

    The most haunted places in US


    Image :  blog.psprint.com Whether you're a believer or not, America's towns are filled with true ghost stories passed down through time

  • 257_mount-timpanogos-utah-united-states-690_4.jpg

    The Legend of Timpanogos


    Image: www.opentravel.com Mount Timpanogos overlooks the Utah Valley as the dominate peak in the region. Standing at 11,750 ft in elevation, the second highest mountain in Utah's Wasatch Range has long beckoned area residents to explain their relationship with the majestic peak

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