Ted Williams Tunnel - The longest Tunnel in the US


(USKings.org) The Ted Williams Tunnel is a highway tunnel in Boston, Massachusetts and it is the longest tunnel in the US.

Map showing the Williams tunnel (shown in red)


The Ted Williams Tunnel is a highway tunnel in Boston, Massachusetts; it is the third in the city to travel under Boston Harbor, with the Sumner Tunnel and the Callahan Tunnel. It carries the final segment of Interstate 90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike) from South Bostontowards its eastern terminus at Route 1A in East Boston, slightly beyond Logan International Airport. The tunnel is named after the former Boston Red Sox baseball player and U.S. Marine air corps veteran Ted Williams.



The tunnel is 8,448 feet (2,575 m) long, of which approximately 3,960 feet (1,210 m) are underwater.  Ted Williams is  the longest tunnels in the United States.



A toll is collected in both directions, through the E-ZPass electronic toll collection system, formerly named the "Fast Lane" system. Vehicles with a Massachusetts E-ZPass transponder pay 2.50, and the tolls are higher for vehicles with an out of state E-Z Pass or vehicles without an E-Z Pass. Eligible Boston residents for the E-Z Pass discount program pay %%%~COMPRESS~TEXTAREA~2~%%%.20 for either direction. Commercial vehicles pay higher, depending on number of axles.





Claire Huynh (Collect) - USKings (Source of photos: internet)


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