Baker’s Chocolate - The oldest producer of chocolate in the United States


( Baker’s Chocolate is one of the largest national brands of chocolate and the oldest producer of chocolate in the United States.


Baker's Chocolate is a brand name for the line of baking chocolates owned by the Kraft Heinz Company (formerly Kraft Foods). Products include a variety of bulk chocolates, including white and unsweetened, and sweetened coconut flakes. It is one of the largest national brands of chocolate and the oldest producer of chocolate in the United States. The company was originally named Walter Baker & Company.



In 1764, two men by the name of John Hannon and Dr. James Baker started importing cacao beans and producing chocolate in Dorcester, Massachusetts, making them the oldest producer of chocolate in the United States. For 15 years, the duo produced chocolate under the company name Hannon’s Best Chocolate, but when Hannon went on a cacao-gathering trip to the West Indies in 1779, and never returned, Baker changed the company name to Baker Chocolate Company. As far as we can tell, in the American food and drink world, no company is older. 



Baker's continues to expand its line of products, focusing on conveniences for the home baker. Some products, such as vanilla extract and cocoa powder, have been discontinued with company turnovers. Other products are available to food service professionals in bulk, considerably different kinds of coconut, cocoa drinks, and bulk chocolate.


Baker Chocolate Factory Apartments.

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