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(VietKings.org - Uskings.us) Halong Bay, the must see in Vietnam, where every traveler wish to visit at least once during their trip to this pretty country disclose a lot of beauty and secret. The Mother Nature blesses this bay not only magnificent geological creature, breathtaking scenery but also precious natural products, the most famous of which is Halong’s pearls.

Although pearl harvesting is a long-time local tradition, the tour to visit pearl farms on the bay has been put into practice for 4 years. This is a very special experience besides enjoying Halong Bay cruises.



The pearl farm on Halong where people visit is owned by Halong Pearl Join Stock Company, who developed pearl handicraft from a traditional sea product to a valuable item.





The pearl farm is located in an isolated water area named Tung Sau, surrounded by undulating limestone islands. The pearl growing and handicraft system has been based on Vietnamese traditional experience and Japanese technology.





Visiting pearl farm, tourists witness the whole process to make a valuable pearl and expensive jewelry from the first step of growing and harvesting pearl from Halong Bay. Most of them are very surprised by the magical process to create the beautiful jewelry from the skillful hands of artisans. This is really a very interesting visit because not many people understand how the white and bright pearls are created. There are cages growing oysters in the water. Locals have many secret experiences in growing the oysters to have big and round pearls. Tourists can even observe the artisans working on their pearls after they are harvested from the water. They do sophisticated technique with their many specialized tools to create a perfect pearl. All are handmade in very intricate level. When watching the complete pearls in the same size, we cannot recognize the raw pearls when they are in the oysters anymore.




According to VietKings (Kyluc.vn)


Deluna Nguyen ( According to VietKings - Kyluc.vn ) - Source of photo : Internet

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