The World's Largest Music Festival


image:summerfest.com Between the stress of mid-semester assignments as well as the tease of warmer weather and longer days, all of us have one thing on our minds: summer. And, as we all know, no summer is complete without music, whether it be finding our “summer anthem” or going to concerts filled with good music and even better company. Here’s some infos about  the most popular one happening this summer

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    US Air Force breaks maglev world record speed at 1,019kmph


    image:popularmechanics A magnetic levitation (maglev) sled designed by the US Air Force has fired its way into the history books by breaking the current world land-speed record for a maglev craft, at a blistering speed of 1,019kmph (633mph).

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    'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Becomes Fastest Movie to $1 Billion


    image: starwar.com LOS ANGELES — "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has reached $1 billion at the box office, reaching the milestone with record-setting hyper speed.

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    Matt Stutzman sets new Guinness World Record


    image:paralympic.org The US ‘armless archer’ broke his own record for the farthest accurate shot.

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    Burke sets world record at U.S. Masters T&F


    image: masterstrack.com M75 Olympian Ed Burke set a world record on his 76th birthday and three others claimed American records on Day 1 (Friday) at Albuquerque (henceforth ABQ) indoor nationals.

  • 290_John_Kerry__Ukrain_2843912b.jpg

    John Kerry breaks record for secretary of state travel


    image:telegraph John Kerry is now the most traveled secretary of state, breaking the record upon arrival in the Gulf nation of Bahrain Wednesday.

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    Teen sets world record by solving 117 rubik's cubes while on unicycle


    image:abc7news FREMONT, Calif. -- There is a world record for just about everything and today, and a young man proved it Saturday by breaking a record most people have never heard of.

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    Syracuse, USA's snowiest city


      image:syracuse.com Syracuse, N.Y. -- When you're America's Snowiest Big City, you can lead the league even when you're having an off-year.

  • 229_United States Scariest Bridges .jpg

    United States's Scariest Bridges in the America


    Image:design by USA Records Organization-USKings USA Records Organization-USKings introduce this article ‘ United States's  Scariest Bridges in the America ‘ Don’t look down, because for those who don’t cope well at great heights, these incredible photos show some of the most terrifying bridges in the world. From rickety rope bridges to sky-high crossings suspended hundreds of feet from the ground, these awe-inspiring bridges are not for the faint hearted.

  • 233_107-year-old Hulton bridge demolished in Pittsburgh.jpg

    107-year-old Hulton bridge demolished in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, US


    Image: Guardian USA Records Organization-USKings introduce this article ‘ 107-year-old Hulton bridge demolished in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, US ‘ The 107-year-old Hulton bridge over Pittsburgh’s Allegheny river was demolished on Tuesday 26 January, 2016.

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