Virginia native breaking aviation records in Alaska


VALDEZ, Alaska (WUSA9 ) -- A Faquier High School graduate is flying into the record books. Last weekend, Bobby Breeden’s takeoff of just 40 feet earned the championship title at the annual Valdez, Alaska Fly-In for the fifth time.

"I think it established that I think I know what I'm doing and It might even be time to retire at this point," said Breeden with a chuckle.

Source: Wired

But at only 22-years-old, retirement is a long way off for Breeden.

"Most of my practicing was actually in Warrenton-- it's where I learned how to fly,” said Breeden.

The practice paid off. Breeden's landing was only 55 feet. Enough to get first place and close to his record of 20 feet.

“Helicopters are longer than 20 feet, so technically I can land shorter than a helicopter,” said Breeden.

Breeden has become something of a social media star, but he says it's not just for the likes on Instagram. Alaskan bush pilots perfect the skill of short takeoffs and landings to access remote areas. Now Breeden is training Special Forces to do it, too.

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Breeden says he owes much of his success to his Virginia roots.

“There must be something in the water because I know a few other people who are out doing great things, too. I guess there's just something local that makes us want to go out and be our best."

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