Trump gave one of the longest first speeches to Congress


President Trump delivered his first speech to Congress Tuesday in a wide-ranging address that lasted a little over an hour, making it the second-longest such speech among modern presidents.

Since Richard NixonBill Clinton is the only president to deliver a longer first speech to Congress than Trump.

President Trump

Here's where Trump's speech ranks in terms of length compared to other modern presidents:

  1. Bill Clinton: One hour and five minutes
  2. Donald Trump: One hour
  3. Barack Obama: 51 minutes
  4. George W. Bush: 49 minutes
  5. George H.W. Bush: 48 minutes
  6. Jimmy Carter: 46 minutes
  7. Gerald Ford: 41 minutes
  8. Richard Nixon: 36 minutes
  9. Ronald Reagan: 33 minutes

With the exception of Reagan, all the times above are from The American Presidency Project.

When it comes to the number of words spoken, Trump's speech is in the middle of the pack:

  1. Bill Clinton: 7,426 words 
  2. Dwight Eisenhower: 6,973 words
  3. Calvin Coolidge: 6,706 words
  4. Harry Truman: 6,028 words 
  5. Barack Obama: 5,902 words 
  6. Warren Harding: 5,606 words 
  7. John Kennedy: 5,274 words 
  8. George H.W. Bush: 4,811 words 
  9. Donald Trump: 4,764 words (as prepared)
  10. Jimmy Carter: 4,580 words 
  11. Richard Nixon: 4,457 words​
  12. Ronald Reagan: 4,446 words 
  13. George W. Bush: 4,362 words 
  14. Gerald Ford: 4,126 words
  15. Woodrow Wilson: 3,553 words 
  16. Lydon Johnson: 3,168 words 
  17. Franklin Roosevelt: 2,230 words


By William Cummings - USATODAY.COM

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