The 6 Most Instagramed Cities Of The USA


The USA is an incredible tourist destination for travelers coming from all over the world. Every year, the USA receivesmore than 50 million international visitors. With amazing cities, famous for a whole array of attractions, the USA is without doubt one of the best places to visit on the planet.So we thought hey, wouldn’t it be cool to find out which cities have the most Instagramable features?  So, in reverse order, here are the 6 most Instagramed cities of the USA:

6. San Diego

At number 6 it’s #sandiego, located on the Pacific coast of California, the city is famous for its beautiful harbour and its world renowned @sandiegozoo. San Diego is a very popular tourist destination and so it understandably makes the list as one of the most Instagramed cities in the country.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco takes 5th place on our list. Apart from being the birthplace of Instagram (!), #sanfrancisco is famous for its bay (the San Francisco Bay), for the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge and for its fog! And with amazing landmarks come stunning Instagram photos!

4. Las Vegas

It’s not surprising that #lasvegas makes the list of most Instagramed cities in the USA! Known throughout the world for its shows, casinos and nightlife, Las Vegas is most famous for its Strip, which is over 6km in length. The city comes in at number 4.

In 3rd place, it’s the iconic Los Angeles. #losangeles is known for being the home of the rich and famous. It’s also a popular tourist destination thanks to the Hollywood Boulevard and the beautiful beaches the city has to offer.


2. Chicago

The Windy City aka #chicago is our runner up when it comes to the most Instagramed cities in the States. Most famous for it’s architecture and museums, including the @mcachicago. Just look at these cool architectural shots!

1. New York

Topping the list is of course the Big Apple, #newyork! Famous for a number of landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park and the @empirestatebldg, New York is THE place to visit when in the USA – and Instagram users agree!

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