World Record Attempt - Longest Ice Cream Dessert


image: collection One lucky Michigan town will have the pleasure of scooping up 2,640 delicious feet of ice cream this summer, when a local ice cream shop attempts to break the Guinness World Record for "longest ice cream dessert"

Ludington, Michigan's House of Flavors seeks to seize the title from a New Zealand town that built and ate a 1,957-foot-long dessert last February. The restaurant is planning to make its world record attempt on June 11 (which admittedly seems like a strange time of year to keep a half-mile's worth of ice cream from melting). The ice cream creation will consist of at least 12,700 scoops of ice cream and will span eight city blocks.
The record to beat is held by the city of Auckland, New Zealand. The city built and consumed an ice cream dessert on Feb. 28, 2015 measuring 596.50 meters (1957 feet/1 inch.  image:worldrecordacademy
It'll take a team of 500 people to scoop the ice cream and another 6,000 to eat it, plus hundreds more to set up the framework for the dessert, distribute utensils, and clean the area of ice cream drips afterward. Since this is an official world record attempt, there are a number of stipulations: The whole thing must be edible and it has to be continuous, so House of Flavors will construct this dessert in a metal trough made from seamless house gutters. Yum.
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