TransPerfect Translations (New York) : The largest privately owned language services provider in the United States


( TransPerfect Translations is a translation, E-Discovery and language services company based in New York City. The company serves clients in many fields, such as film, gaming, legal and healthcare fields. As of 2012, TransPerfect is "the largest privately owned language services provider, with offices in over 100 cities worldwide" and more than 6000 employees.

TransPerfect's founders Elizabeth Elting and Phil Shawe met in a New York University (NYU) dormitory room and founded the company in 1992. With no external financing, TransPerfect grew from a two-person dormitory-based operation into one of the 125 largest privately held companies in the New York area.

TransPerfect's founders Elizabeth Elting and Phil Shawe 

In 1998 the firm began expanding worldwide. In 1999, TransPerfect established a technology division, launching with several million dollars in outside investment to meet the demand for software and website translations. In 2004, they bought out their investors and merged TransPerfect and

The company grew using primarily live translation services from multilingual people all over the world. In 2003, TransPerfect acquired Wordfast, which was initially developed as a platform-independent translation memory software. While TransPerfect used the Wordfast product under license, it remained a wholly separate entity that is operated by the software’s founder Yves Champollion.

In 2019 the company made acquisitions of media localization companies in the areas gaming and streaming services, and opened a new 900 seat facility in Arizona. In December, Shawe signed a six year agreement with the Nashville Music City Bowl for the naming rights to the college football game.

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