Patel Brothers (Illinois state) : The largest Indian-American supermarket chain in the United States.


( Patel Brothers, Inc. (doing business as Patel Brothers) is an Asian-American supermarket chain based in Hanover Park, Illinois. Patel Brothers is the largest Indian-American supermarket chain in the United States with 54 locations in 19 states, primarily in New Jersey, due to its large Indian population.

Patel Brothers offers online shopping for the contiguous US through its website, which is fulfilled by its Hanover Park, Illinois location. The chain was founded by brothers Mafat and Tulsi Patel and is operated by Mafat's sons, Swetal and Rakesh Patel.

Mafat lived in Bhandu, a small village in Gujarat, India, along with his brother, Tulsi before coming to Indiana University for advanced education in engineering in 1968. After finishing his business degree, he moved to Chicago in 1 year to work as an engineer at Jefferson Electrical Co. He starved of hunger because of the lack of Indian food and realized that the Indian cuisine in America had not advanced and that the food wasn't appetizing. Mafat wanted to create his own grocery store to show the appetizing tastes of true Indian food. In 1971, businessman, Ramesh Trivedi, came to Mafat to sell him a shanty edifice on Devon Avenue. That same year, Mafat called his brother, Tulsi, who came along with his wife, Aruna, from India because Mafat knew the hardships of starting a grocery store alone. In 1974, the two brothers opened a store naming it after themselves: Patel Brothers, they were both brothers with the last name Patel.

As of 2017, Patel Brothers has broken into a $140 million store. On Devon Avenue in Chicago, the street that the first restaurant was opened on, there are many different shops that are part of the Patel Brothers chain: Air Tours Inc., a travel agency; Sahil, a clothing boutique meant for Indian weddings (another location in Iselin, NJ); Patel Bros. Handicrafts and Utensils, which sells religious memorabilia and trinkets; and Patel's Café, an eatery; and Mysore Woodlands, a restaurant.

Patel Brothers maintains its trademarks under PB Brands LLC, which include Dakshin, an Indian restaurant with locations in the Chicago suburbs of Schaumburg and Naperville, Illinois.

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