Morrison Planetarium (California State): The largest all digital facility in the United States


( Morrison Planetarium has the distinction of being the largest all digital facility in the world, with state of the art equipment and technology.

Morrison Planetarium is in San Francisco, California as part of Cal-Tech. The dome is 75 feet in diameter, with a tilted screen at 30 degrees. The experience is more like flying in the sky with the stars, rather than watching a movie about the universe.

The planetarium relies on research and scientific data to provide an accurate view of space for its visitors as an educational and entertaining program. There are also star shows during the evening hours for a "real" version of the "tours of the universe" offered in the planetarium. Much of the programming is offered by NASA live feeds to help academy students and scientists learn about new discoveries.

Journey to the Stars is a second show offered at the planetarium in which visitors can travel through space and time to see the death of stars as well as sun transformations, and is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. Fragile Planet is a weekly event offered only at night. It was the planetarium's inaugural show, which lasts for 30 minutes for an astronaut's space voyage.

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