Jacob Bromwell : The oldest and largest housewares company in the United States (1819)


(USKings.us) Jacob Bromwell is a privately held American designer, manufacturer, marketer and distributor of kitchenware and household goods. Founded in 1819, it is the oldest housewares company in the United States.

The company manufactures several historically significant products including the Original Popcorn Popper, Classic Tin Cup, and All-American Flour Sifter. The Original Popcorn Popper is one of the company’s oldest and best-selling items, and has been made with the original equipment and dies since the late 1800s, when the company acquired the patent from William Wood, its inventor. They were originally sold at a wholesale price of $3.50 for a gross. The All-American Flour Sifter was patented in 1930 by a descendant of Jacob Bromwell's, Thomas G. Melish.

Jacob Bromwell (born 1785), a soldier of the War of 1812 and entrepreneur, moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Cincinnati, Ohio via the Ohio River on a flatboat. He became the first wire goods manufacturer when he established The Bromwell Brush and Wire Goods Co. in 1819 and filed for incorporation on February 12, 1883. The company supplied pioneering families with a multitude of household goods. He opened up his company in a six-story building at 181 Walnut Street in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The company occupied all six floors and boasted over 1,000 products in its catalogue, many of which won awards.

Jacob Bromwell

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the company operated seven factories, had upwards of 1,000 employees in multiple states, and was the largest business of its kind in the United States.

Jacob Bromwell manufactures all of its products in Indiana and Vermont. The company sells its products via the Jacob Bromwell website as well as through authorized resellers in the United States and internationally. Jacob Bromwell is a notable customer of Shipwire, an eCommerce warehousing and order fulfillment company. In 2012, Jacob Bromwell reintroduced its historical line of copper cookware and accessories. In 2015, the company donated several historically significant pieces of its machinery and equipment to a permanent exhibit at the Indiana State Museum.

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