Independent Stave Company (Missouri States) : The oldest wine barrel maker in the United States


( As a fourth generation family cooperage company, our roots run deep. For over 100 years ISC has grown by focusing on family, innovation, hard work, and customer service to become a worldwide leader in the coopering industry.

In 1912 , T.W. Boswell founded T.W. Boswell Stave Company, a stave mill supplying white oak staves for cooperage. Due to prohibition, T.W. shifted his attention to non-alcoholic cooperage such as fruit and salted meat barrels. T.W. Boswell owned and brokered for 36 stave and saw mills in operation across the Midwestern and Southern states.

J.E. Boswell also grew up in the Ozarks. After graduating with a civil engineering degree from Georgia School of Technology, he returned to join his father in making and selling staves. J.E. was a disciplined, hard-working man who would do calisthenics before breakfast and arrive at the office with a name-tag pinned to his shirt. Prohibition was repealed. J.E. Boswell entered into the family business, T.W. Boswell and Son, and re-focused on manufacturing bourbon and wine staves.

Company renamed “Independent Stave Company” to reflect the company’s position as the premier stave mill facility not owned by a distillery, brewery or winery. J.E. founded the family’s first cooperage in Lebanon, Missouri. John Boswell continued his grandfather’s philosophy of providing the market’s best value by designing and building new technology to improve efficiencies and over-deliver on quality. John expanded the family business internationally and established the company’s Research and Development division. He is known as a great innovator, engineer and businessman.

Siblings Brad, Amie and Joe Boswell trained as coopers throughout their childhood. Having grown up in business, they’ve developed an enthusiasm for barrels and the spirits industry. Today, Amie, Brad and Joe work together with their father to continue the Boswell legacy in the world of cooperage. They are excited to some day pass on the family business to their young children, the 5th generation of Boswell’s to operate ISC.

The Boswell’s developed barrel production on four continents to meet the growing demand for oak worldwide. Over 100 years after its founding, the company continues to evolve thanks to a commitment to quality and innovation, our excellent associates, and a continual interest in collaborating with distillers and winemakers around the world. Brad Boswell is named CEO of the company. Over his 15 years of leadership, Brad has built a company grounded in integrity with an authentic commitment to be trustworthy, respectful and fair with our employees, customers and business partners.

According to ISC

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